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Have the best, to be the best

Promatic traps are the best clay target throwers. Promatic's passion for clay target shooting can be seen in their attention to detail. I want you to have the capability to create an outstanding course, with as diverse a range of target presentations as possible. Whether it is for a competition course for Sporting Clays, FITASC, Compact/5 Stand, or for your own individual use, I can help you pick machines that are suitable for your needs.


  • Commercial range machines

  • Machines for small Clubs

  • Individual use traps

  • Wireless Release Systems

Regularly maintaining your equipment will mean less down time, longer asset lives and happier customers!

I can help you maintain your machines no matter what size operation you have.  I can arrange a maintenance visit with your call or setup a predetermined maintenance schedule to meet your needs. Each machine will be cleaned, lubricated, tested, adjusted, if necessary, have any worn parts replaced. Costs can be quoted on a fixed basis to include all labor, parts, material and travel or simply time and material.

promatic sales & service

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